Welcome to Nightingale

Nightingale aspires to be a place where every girl is known.

We are Nightingale

皇冠体育app进入了它的第二个世纪,完全接受了我们的创始人所建立的哲学. As Miss Nightingale and Miss Bamford believed, girls’ schools educate girls best, and a purposeful curriculum is a matter of both mind and heart.

皇冠体育app,每个女孩都可以期待为成功做准备的教育. Led by a fully-engaged and student-focused faculty and administration, she will be ready for whatever the world presents to her.

从每个女孩进入蓝色大门的那一刻起,她就被认可、理解和重视. 皇冠体育app包容的社区鼓励她为自己辩护, have empathy for others, and take intellectual risks. We aspire for no student to attend Nightingale anonymously.

Within the blue doors, students learn more than just academics. They are taught to discover their own voices, understand the potential of their ideas, and view differences as a source of strength. 每个毕业生接受的教育都确保她准备好迎接全球公民的挑战,并准备好改变她的世界.

At Nightingale, strong academics are just the beginning.

Nightingale girls know that exceptional performance is the product and not the point of a great education; true excellence comes from the joy of a never-ending desire to learn. Rigorous academics and exceptional teaching are givens. Just as importantly, students learn how to listen, how to question, how to debate, and how to grow from their accomplishments and failures.

At Nightingale, we support, respect, and celebrate students as they are.

There is no such thing as a typical Nightingale girl. However, what is shared by every Nightingale graduate is comfort in her own skin, a respect for the people and environment around her, and an ambition to establish her voice in the world. At Nightingale we endeavor for every student to feel this way; we want them to know that they have a caring community of students, friends, mentors, teachers, parents, administrators, and alumnae who believe in her.

At Nightingale, strength is meaningless if not matched in kindness.

The Nightingale girl is not simply nice. 她太坚强了,不能被动地坐在房间后面,听别人告诉她这个世界应该是什么样子. But she would also never dictate how anyone else should think and act, or put others down to achieve her goals. Students learn that true kindness is not passive—in fact, it often takes patience, humility, and courage. 我们相信培养一个真正善良的学生团体是任何学校都可以宣称的重要成就.

At Nightingale, we prepare students for whatever the future holds.

The world is changing faster than our schools. Today’s challenges, communities, 当我们的许多学生毕业时,职业将看起来完全不同. Nightingale champions a time-tested education, enriched by an ever-evolving, 以学生为中心的课程,为学生提供无所畏惧的未来生活的工具.

Our Mission

Nightingale inspires girls to go beyond barriers.

我们的愿景是让皇冠体育app的学生成为快乐的学习者,他们拥有知识的深度和成为批判性思想家的勇气, compassionate citizens, and agents of their own lives; in doing so, we advance equity for the betterment of all.


  • Infusing their lives with meaningful relationships;
  • 教导他们重视差异,将其视为力量的源泉和成长的手段;
  • 赋予他们以自信、同理心、适应力和理性质疑现状的能力.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on November 2, 2017

Our History